Posted February 2, 2020

Are you a still a recruiter?

Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be. - Shonda Rhimes

“Are you still a recruiter?”, a client with whom I’ve done lots of business over the years had asked me recently over lunch. 

I replied with one of those “Yes, but…” responses that suggested this wasn’t going to be a simple yes or no answer. Just like many of you have gone through the process first-hand, I’ve realized within the past couple of years that life is a journey, full of opportunities to explore things, course correct, and contemplate if what you’re doing is truly what you’re passionate about.  And yes, this journey can mean that what everyone knew you as professionally might change, given the experiences life brings you.

I wanted to share a couple of changes within my professional trajectory as of late -- and quite frankly, they’re all very exciting yet scary at the same time. However, to answer the main question of whether I am a recruiter, the answer is a resounding yes! But, a recruiter’s work looks a little different for me than it has the last seven years.   While I’ve shifted to consulting in a full-time role with an awesome, well known management consulting company, I am no longer in a position to pursue new clients seeking recruitment and headhunting support through MK Despe Consulting. I’m super excited about this change, having learned a HECK of a lot running a staffing business full time. I’m thrilled to be part of a fantastic team of colleagues at the new gig, and am adjusting to being part of a large team again, albeit a virtual one that spans the various US and Asian time zones! Since moving to Hawaii about a decade ago, this whole work-from-home set up has been more of the norm for me, promoting an ‘early bird’ lifestyle with me supporting peers at non-Hawaii work hours.

So, you might wonder… is MK Despe Consulting, as a company, over? No way… we’re just getting started, and rollin’ into the new decade doing some pretty exciting stuff! I’m entering a new phase where my efforts will change to a role of being an educator about all things recruiting and careers, for both job seekers and companies.  I tell people that it’s my goal now to focus on evangelizing all that I’ve learned in this profession as a critical connector of people, and will be expanding my professional blueprint as a recruiting & careers social influencer. At first, I was a bit nervous to tell folks that I’m looking to focus MK Despe Consulting work on something that’s so cliche as an influencer, but it’s true.  I really am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with my close to 20 years of experience in hiring, interviewing, recruiting, evaluating, and building winning teams in the US, Europe and Australia through workshops, classes, and other cool education stuff.

We have some awesome things coming up -- some that can be announced, some not yet, but we will be soon.  Among these is that I’ve been accepted to present at the Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Conference in Bali, Indonesia this spring, and am working on a few other places nationwide to spread the good word about how to put yourself in best position to attract the best career opportunities and collaborations.  I appreciate the love and support y’all have shown me… and encourage you to sign up for our email on, follow us on social, be it through our YouTube channel, or with our blog posts here and on various places on the interwebs.  

Here’s to continuing our career journeys together, and I am very grateful that you’ve chosen to include me in yours. 



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