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Everyone knows that LinkedIn is essential to the job search if you’re in the market to make a move. Updating your profile, sharing the news publicly that you’re open to opportunities, and chatting it up with recruiters about new roles represent common ways that people use the platform. 

 But outside of finding career opportunities, what other ways have you ‘worked on’ moving your career forward? Perhaps you realize the only time you’ve actively taken action towards something like that is when you are looking for a new job.

Many experts in the hiring world would likely suggest that you need to take action right away, especially on a platform like LinkedIn as it serves as a very powerful medium to share your personal brand with industry peers and influencers.   [CONTINUE READING]...

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Have you ever asked a ‘semi-stranger’ for help online? And by semi-stranger, I mean, an online contact. In the day of social media, it is commonplace to find yourself connected to people whom you may have never met in person. As these contacts might contribute to your overall ‘friend’ or ‘first degree connection’ count, just how well you know your contact may impact whether you ask for assistance. After all, besides the people we consider closest, we find ourselves connecting not only with those we know in our professional and local community circles, but also those whom we find to be aspirational, potentially helpful, or simply, just downright interesting.  


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