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Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be. - Shonda Rhimes

“Are you still a recruiter?”, a client with whom I’ve done lots of business over the years had asked me recently over lunch. 

I replied with one of those “Yes, but…” responses that suggested this wasn’t going to be a simple yes or no answer. 

Just like many of you have gone through the process first-hand, I’ve realized within the past couple of years that life is a journey, full of opportunities to explore things, course correct, and contemplate if what you’re doing is truly what you’re passionate about.  And yes, this journey can mean that what everyone knew you as professionally might change, given the experiences life brings you.

I wanted to share a couple of changes within my professional trajectory as of late -- and quite frankly, they’re all very exciting yet scary at the same time.


Most people know that job fairs are popular events for people looking to make a career move and are effective ways to connect directly with companies looking to hire and meet people in the market. Despite knowing the effectiveness of these events, plenty of job seekers don’t take advantage of job fairs when it comes to using them as an important part of their job search strategy.

The reasons to avoid them can be fascinating. Maybe it has been awhile since you’ve attended a job fair, and you’re a bit out of practice and simply don’t know where to start.

Perhaps you’ve had a previous experience where you felt you wasted an afternoon, expecting companies attending the job fair to have interviews on the spot for roles, but found few actually offering them. 

Or, simply, you’re like me -- an introvert -- and the thought of attending a job fair can be a bit overwhelming and… slightly terrifying. (After all, I typically don’t enjoy the large crowds, nor having to pitch a story about myself and my career dreams to hundreds of people whom I barely know.) [CONTINUE READING...]

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